Local Trouble - Star Wars Podcast - Wednesday 1st March 2017

March 1, 2017

It's been another few years, so it's time for some more 'theatrical cut' rumors. We discuss the hearsay and the pros and cons of even entertaining a home video release of these movies.

We also look at some of the merchandise coming up for the 40th Anniversary, and the Rogue One Blu Ray special features.

Luke and James also dive into the latest episode of Star Wars Rebels, the fantastic 'Through Imperial Eyes'.

Apologies for the slight audio issues in this edition of the podcast, but we cleaned things up as best we can and we felt the podcast was still listenable enough without being a pain. Feedback is always welcome of course.

Thanks to some of the following sources of news this week:

ComingSoon.net: Hamill will deserve Oscar for VIII

StarWars.com: Black Series 40th Anniversary figures announced

(Spoilers) MakingStarWars.net State of the Galaxy in Episode VIII

FuriousFanBoys.com: Star Wars releases in 4k will they/won’t they be original cuts


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