Local Trouble - Star Wars Podcast Wednesday 28th June 2017

June 27, 2017

Never ones to simply jump on air for an hour and add to the ubiquitous hyperbole of venomous internet ranting, Luke and James record a special 'reaction' show following the departure of Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

We talk about how the Star Wars formula seems to be taking shape for the latest round of movies in the post-Lucas era and speculate as to what we can expect from Ron Howard - and the creative approach to the franchise in general.

Thanks to the following article which formed the basis of some of our discussion:

The Hollywood Reporter: 'Star Wars' Firing Reveals a Disturbance in the Franchise

There's also the original joint statement from the directors and Lucasfilm:

Starwars.com: A Message from Lucasfilm Regarding the Untitled Han Solo Film


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