Local Trouble - Star Wars Podcast - Wednesday 5th April 2017

April 5, 2017

Rebels wraps up its third season and the stage direction 'They fight' was likely invented for this double bill, 'Zero Hour'.

We also talk vapid Last Jedi rumours,a 'rusurfaced' Sir Alec Guinness interview and Hayden Christensen's surprise announcement at Celebration.

James also continues his foray into Marvel Comics with volume one of 'Darth Vader'.

Thanks to some of the following sources of news this week:

Empire Online: Woody Harrelson is 'Beckett' 

News.com.au: Alec Guinness interview

Joe.co.uk: Possible Hiatus

(Spoilers) Express: Benicio plays...?

(Spoilers) Metro: Luke meets....

(spoilers) i09.gizmodo.com: Kylo clothes


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